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02 November 2011 @ 04:09 pm
Chicago and a Wedding  
This weekend was full of awesome things! So many things that I feel the need to break it into several posts and spam your flists/circles.


I went to Chicago for my friend Chantal's wedding this weekend. I'd never been before, and I had a great time doing touristy things. I went up the Sears Tower and stood on the sky ledge. It is seriously trippy to be able to see the ground right below your feet from 103 floors up. I ate deep dish pizza and don't really feel the need to do that again. I rode the El and was surprised at how small the loop was. I spent most of Saturday at the Museum of Science and Industry. It is really amazing. There are lots of interactive displays and staff members with carts containing more experiments. They have a daily ball drop where they drop things 25 feet to see what happens. Since I went in October, the grand finale of the ball drop was a pumpkin. Watching a pumpkin splatter after being dropped 25 feet is a pretty great experience. They had a Dr. Seuss exhibit of some of his concept drawings and private art that he had requested only ever be displayed after his death. He had a really amazing creative mind. I had a great deal of fun in the gift shop where I purchased angry robot matryoshka and a Star Wars mad libs book. Since I spent so long there, I didn't get to the Art Institute, but I did take some time to walk along Michigan Avenue and see some of the parks and public art work. I look forward to visiting the city again when I'm not on such a short time frame. My pictures are here.

Chantal's Wedding

The wedding was a pretty stand Catholic event. There was a bit of hilarity with both Chantal and Joe having trouble getting the rings on each others' fingers. The reception was nice but awkward since I didn't know anyone else there. I did enjoy the photobooth with its crazy hats and sunglasses, and they had a great mariachi band play during dinner. Chantal and Joe's first dance was to 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' because Chantal loves Disney musicals. Once the open dancing started, there was no more awkwardness because I never the most embarrassing person on the dance floor. You really have not lived until you have seen a pack of drunk 25-30 year old men sing along to every word of 'Party in the USA' by Miley Cyrus. All the pictures are here.