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02 November 2011 @ 04:17 pm
Halloween at the 9:30 Club - Panic! at the Disco, Patrick Stump, and Foxy Shazam  
I saw Foxy Shazam and Patrick Stump open for Panic! at the Disco on Halloween at the 9:30 Club. Since it was Halloween, the crowd was in a great mix of costumes. I went as a belly dancer. It was great fun meeting and hanging out with new people I had previously only known online while waiting for doors to open and the show to start. Foxy Shazam did not dress up, but it was hard to tell based on their usual stage clothes. I liked their music but not their lyrics or mottsy stage banter.

Patrick Stump put on an amazing set. However, he was a lying liar that lies at the radio show because he told me there would be no costumes or other Halloween surprises. Then he opens with the Ghostbusters' theme wearing light up devil horns, a red suit, and face paint. Except he later told us he couldn't find white paint, so he used baking soda. According to Patrick, baking soda makes your face feel like it is on fire. 'Awwww,' went the audience. 'No, not awwww. I'm an idiot,' Patrick said. He is quite tricksy. In other news, I love Michael Day's face and Matt Rubano's ridiculous bass-keytar hybrid thing. During the set, Patrick played a mini trumpet, guitar, drums, sang, and strutted all over the stage. It was great to see them all have room to move and dance and be ridiculous.

Panic! at the Disco really brought it in the costume department. Brendon Urie dressed as Jesus complete with stigmata and crown of thorns. He gave up on the robe pretty quickly though and performed most of the show as Sexy Jesus in jeans, a wig, and the crown of thorns. Dallon Weekes dressed up as the lead singer of Foxy Shazam, and it was pretty hilarious. Dallon did a great imitation of his voice and mannerisms. Ian Crawford was the most adorable, headbangingest Hit Girl. Each time he changed guitars, the tech had to adjust his cape, so it was free from the guitar strap. Spencer Smith won the night though as Pantsless Ron Burgundy. He didn't keep the jacket on for very long though, so we were treated to Spencer Smith drumming in a button down shirt and no pants for most of the show. It was glorious. (Note: watch this video on mute. My camera is not always great with sound.)

While I enjoyed Panic's music very much, I was not a fan of Brendon's banter during much of the set. It felt like he was using the night as religious therapy hour, and it got old pretty quickly. To give you an idea how bad it was, his banter at the end of the show about wanting to fuck the entire audience was less mottsy.

After the show, [personal profile] siegeofangels and I left pretty quickly since we both had to be up early for work the next day. On the way out, I saw Michael Day (Patrick's guitarist) and complimented him on a great set. He said thanks and that he liked my glittery eyelashes. He is adorable. The next day I commented on the 9:30 forum that I had seen Seth (owner of the 9:30 Club) out on his balcony a lot during Panic's set and that I didn't know he was such a fan. Seth responded and totally owned up to loving the Pretty. Odd album. He is great.

All my pictures from the show start on this page.