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06 January 2013 @ 01:17 pm
Yuletide Recs  
In an attempt to get back into posting after almost a year of failing, here are my yuletide recs as previously seen on my twitter.

Whole New Worlds - adorable Belle/Mulan space au

A Girl Worth Fighting For - adorable Aurora/Mulan college au

Portents of Doom - Disney princesses apocalypse fic

Star Princesses of Long Ago and Far Away - Disney princesses Star Wars au (or maybe not au since Star Wars is part of the Disney empire now, idk)

Upside Down and Inside Out - Daja/Tris friendship fic

The Balance of Affection - awwwwww inducing Cimorene/Mendanbar future fic

Three Sisters, Bound - mashup of The Frog Princess, Vasilissa the Beautiful, & The Death of Koshchei the Deathless. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with some/all of the fairy tales. This is about found family.

The Tyrolean CEO's Virgin Secretary - CEO Snow White/ Secretary Hunt Zmann

Three Moments of Thought - Snow White and the Huntsman future fic

Strange Little Girl - SWatH OT3 future fic

Come Away, O Human Child - dark Sleeping Beauty from fairy godmothers' pov

Breaking Out of the Menagerie: A Monologue - Glass Menagerie future fic

We Don't Forget - Graveyard Book future fic

Fire and Water and the Car That Went Zoom - Liz's backstory from the Hellboy movies

Strange Geometry - Holmes on Homes, dealing with portals to the Old Ones

Shipmates - awwwww inducing Brigand/Nemesis backstory from Hark! A Vagrant

Her Need Will I Answer - Tarma and Kethry on one of Need's adventures

Whys and Whats - Fr. Mulcahy and Sidney talk about faith (will probably need kleenex)

Visible Cities - Phantom Tollbooth future fic. Don't be concerned if you are unfamiliar with any of the crossovers. Milo wasn't.

Prakriti - Frances Hodgson Burnett fic, Mary Lennox and Sara Crewe as land girls

The Drunkard and the Mad Queen - SWatH future fic

Of the Start and the End - SWatH OT3 future fic

Snow White and the Captain - SWatH Snow/Huntsman future fic

Other Virtues - Sneakers future fic, Whistler/Carl

The Red Suit - Edna Mode doesn't just design for super heroes.

Any Other Way - Keladry future fic

You Are My Fifth Avenue - Whip It fic, Pash's story