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10 February 2013 @ 08:22 am
Loving Music Can Be Stressful  
Two weekends ago, I went with friends to another amazing Cowboy Mouth show. The openers had a few good songs but where overall meh. Fred was in excellent form, at one point going down into the crowd to take a guy's cell phone. He then called the guy's wife, who was standing right next to him, made her answer her phone, then asked her to tell her husband to stay off the fucking phone while he was at a Cowboy Mouth show. Then Fred went over and climbed up on the bar to remind everyone that you come to a Cowboy Mouth show to lose your mind in order to free your heart and soul. Not to talk on your fucking cell phone.

Last weekend there was another excellent Thai and karaoke outing. I went as Gabe Saporta because sometimes that just needs to happen. The videos at this place are hilariously forever unrelated to the actual song. This time we had several videos that were jazzercise/dance aerobic sims, so I had fun trying (and failing) to dance along with them.

This week has been consumed with the extremely stressful Fall Out Boy concert planning. Announcing a tour on Monday with tickets on sale Friday does not provide much lead time on this, guys. Team DC managed to get almost enough tickets for the 9:30 Club show which I am super excited about because it is the best venue. 9:30 had a really strict 2 ticket per purchase policy in place which seemed to keep scalpers away. Even then with 10 of us trying for tickets, only 6 of us managed to buy them. I am also excited because I have seen Panic, MCR, Cobra Starship, and Travie there, so now I'll be able to add FOB to the list. We completely struck out trying for Charlotte. Four of us tried, but no one managed to get anything. Dear scalpers, I hate you. Then we lucked into almost enough tickets for Philly. Six of us tried, and only 2 managed to buy tickets. Glad these shows are at the end of May, so we can plan everything else at our leisure.
Casanova Frankenstein: sock monkeymonkey_pie on February 11th, 2013 10:09 pm (UTC)
Again, thank you so much for organizing all that! Team DC is pretty awesome. :DDDD