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30 April 2013 @ 03:14 pm
Bodies Are Weird  
About 3 weeks ago I started noticing that my right ankle would swell up over the course of the day and go back down overnight. It didn’t hurt, wasn’t discolored, and I could move and dance without any problems. I finally emailed my doctor about it, and she told me to make an appointment. Turns out I have been retaining fluids which caused an ~10lb. weight gain that I hadn’t noticed and the swelling in my ankle which had been really obvious. This sort of thing is apparently very common in women and happens more often when it’s hot out. About 3 weeks ago was when DC had a hot spell, so the doctor thinks that’s what triggered it. She prescribed a diuretic for me to take daily for the next month to try and flush the excess fluid out my body (I have already noticed a significant uptick in my number of bathroom breaks.) and suggested ways to lower my salt intake since a high sodium diet makes fluid retention issues worse. If I haven’t improved by the end of May, I will go back for more tests. I welcome all suggestions for low sodium recipes.

This past weekend I was in another belly dance show. It went really well. The audience was suitably impressed by our sword balancing abilities. I have a few posed pictures from before the show. I’ll add any stage shots once I get them from the other dancers. Mom and Dad came up for the show. It was nice to see them.

I will get to see Mom again in a couple weeks. She, my grandmother, and one of my aunts are taking a road trip up to Richmond to see my cousin graduate from VCU. I’m going down on May 10 and will come back up on May 11 unless I make fangirl plans to crash on someone’s couch.

Then I will get to see both parents + my sister for Memorial Day weekend. I’m flying down May 23 and back May 28, just in time for Fall Out Boy in Philly on May 30 and DC on May 31.

My life is unusually exciting this month.