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13 July 2011 @ 06:23 pm
I had been gearing up to write about my trip to Italy (which was totally great!), getting pictures up on flickr (I'm making progress.), and vaguely dreading my dentist appointment this afternoon.

But then Dad called to tell me my great-grandmother and his grandmother, Mommie Zip, died. Tomorrow I'm flying home for the funeral of a woman who once gave me used (but clean, she reassured me) underwear for my birthday, a woman who considered 7 bangles on each arm everyday jewelry, a woman who had 2 glasses of scotch most days of her adult life, a woman who always told me how proud my dad was of me every time I visited, a woman who always told me how lucky and blessed she was to have such wonderful grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, a woman who lost her husband almost 50 years ago, a woman who loved attention and dancing and chocolate, a woman I didn't realize I would miss as much as I do right now. She was 108 years old.

This is part of the write up my uncle is doing for her obituary:
Zip McAdams Quinn was born in a Baton Rouge that had less than 12 thousand people and died in a city of over 400 thousand. She knew horse and buggy, life without electricity, the coming of the automobile and airplane, lived through two World Wars, sailed on the Queen Elizabeth, and loved to dance every dance. She was the oldest person living in Baton Rouge and died just blocks from where she was born in historic Spanish Town in 1902.
22 June 2011 @ 12:22 pm
Once again I have fallen off the face of the internet. This time it was mostly due to seeing internet people in real life. (I know! What sort of madness is this?!)

I spent a couple weekends at [personal profile] kinetikatrue's place meeting many people I have seen around online and having ridiculous fannish conversations with them.

Also I attended the Big Fat Lesbian Pirate Wedding Reception (US version) for my dear friends [personal profile] ell and [personal profile] temve and caught up with several other internet folks.

Now I am getting ready to fly to Italy for a vacation with my friend and coworker, Kim, so I will once again be rather absent from the internet. If anyone has any suggestions on things to do/eat/buy while in Rome, Florence, Siena, Bologna, or any other part of Tuscany, let me know. We only have a few solid plans right now. 1. We have tickets for the Vatican Museum, so we'll probably go around other parts of Vatican City as well. 2. We are going to Siena for one of the days of the Palio di Siena horse race festival. 3. Wine tasting at a winery owned by Sting (I did not plan this one.) and at another winery that has very good reviews. 4. Spend part of a day at a hot springs spa south of Florence. 5. Eat delicious food, especially gelato. 6. Drink delicious wine.
26 May 2011 @ 09:39 pm
Internets, since last we spoke, there has been much awesome music. Last week I saw Gold Motel again. Pics start about halfway down this page. They played an excellent show as always and performed two new songs. I liked both of them, so I'm looking forward to whenever the new album is released. I made a new friend at the show, too. (Hi, [personal profile] kinetikatrue!)

Saturday, I spent the day at the DC101 Chili Cookoff consuming zero chili. Instead, I watched awesome bands play awesome music. Pics start here. I got there during Paper Tongues set. I'd never heard of them, but I'll probably look into buying their music. Then Neon Trees played an amazing set, and I started getting tired of crowdsurfers. Panic! at the Disco played next, another great set. The lead singer made several ridiculous comments about the Rapture and trying to fuck everyone after the show. I'm not entirely sure those comments were unrelated. After getting knocked in the head by one too many crowdsurfers, I got out of the crowd by getting to the barrier and having security pull me over. I met up with my friend from work and her boyfriend, and we sat in the shade for Papa Roach and Seether, neither of whom we were interested in. Then once the crowd cleared out a bit we went up to watch Weezer close the show. We managed to get a spot in front of the sound board barrier to make sure crowdsurfers would not be an issue. Weezer played a fun set that was pretty much their greatest hits, and Rivers Cuomo came down to the sound board area for one song. My friend got a high five from him.

Then on Sunday, I went to Soundbites at the 9:30 Club. Pictures start about halfway down this page. Soundbites is an annual fundraiser for the DC Central Kitchen, and many local restaurants had delicious food samples. Ra Ra Rasputin, The Pietasters, and Trouble Funk all performed. I continue to enjoy seeing The Pietasters and Trouble Funk. Maybe I should look into actually buying their musics.

May has been quite a month for shows. July's going to be like this, except I'll be at the Kennedy Center every week. (Yay Wicked!) August will be back to shows with the big one being the Honda Civic Tour co-headlined by blink-182 and My Chemical Romance. I'm currently planning to get tickets with my friend from work and her boyfriend since we had a good time at the show this past weekend. She's a big Blink fan, so we can take turns being excited about things. Anyone else planning to go and looking for someone to carpool with?

Unrelated to music, they put up pictures from the tech rehearsal of the belly dance show I was in a few weeks ago. Pictures from my dance start on this page.
14 May 2011 @ 06:11 pm
Internets, I have been very productive today! After taking off work yesterday to deal with this cold and catch up on tivo, I spent today busily uploading pictures to flickr and reading all the internet things.

Pictures from Mom and Dad's visit last week are here. I'm trying to get pictures of the belly dance performance from some of the other women in my class who had people in the audience with cameras, but everyone is being slackers with no photos uploaded yet.

Pictures from the 13th Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race are here. I would like to note that I consumed somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of that massive margarita.

Pictures from the My Chemical Romance show on Tuesday are here. I don't think any of my pictures are as good as the ones from the show in December, but I'm ok with that since I was so much farther back in the crowd this time.
12 May 2011 @ 08:29 pm
So I got to the show about 10 minutes before MCR went on. I couldn't get there any sooner because of the time of my new belly dance class. (I actually had to cut out of that 15 minutes early and take a taxi to the show to make it when I did.) The show opener 'Look Alive, Sunshine' was a bit of a let down as a recording after having Dr. Death Defying himself come out for the NYC show in December, but it's still a great set kick-off. I was super excited to hear 'Thank You For The Venom,' 'Planetary (GO!),' 'House of Wolves,' 'Vampire Money' (Frank did a hilarious shrug when asked if he was ready, and you still couldn't hear Mikey's response.), 'SING,' 'Vampires Will Never Hurt You,' and 'Bulletproof Heart' (It really ended the show on a high note with good energy.).

Scattered throughout were random jams and Gerard singing bits and pieces of stuff I felt like I should recognize, but I don't. Dewees had some great keyboard intros and interludes. I don't think I realized how many songs he sings back up on. Gerard was sassing it up all over the place. Frank took many opportunities to stand on the amps at the front of the stage. He was singing along to most of the songs even when he was no where near a mike. Mikey was rocking out when I could see him, but he was often blocked by this tall dude standing in front of me. Ray played hard and gave great smiley face (as always) but didn't really move much, probably owing to his foot.

Mikey and Frank signed after. They are both tinier than expected. When Mikey got down to my part of the line, I told him it was an awesome show and that I'd seen them in NYC in December. He said thanks and that he thought the NYC show was one of their favorites of the tour. Then he moved to the girl next to me and said "Suzy, right?" with this grin on his face. She was confused but excited 'Wait, how do you know my name?' Mikey then unfolded a note, grinning like mad, and read 'Suzy, will you go to the prom with Marco?' Then he looked up at the guy behind me and gave him a high five. Suzy said 'Marco? That's my boyfriend. Oh my God! Yes, of course.' She looked around to find Marco and managed to maneuver around to give him a kiss. Mikey was still grinning, sort of silently laughing to himself. He seemed really pleased that he got to do something sweet for one of the fans. Suzy was over the moon, and rightfully so. She had a rock star ask her to prom. Frank did not ask anyone to prom, but he was still very nice about signing anything put in front of him and giving high fives. I heard both Mikey and Frank get asked for hugs, and both of them said they weren't allowed to do hugs. High fives and fist bumps were ok though.

So overall - YAY! SHOW!! A++ Would rock out again. I'll get pictures up when I get around to it.
09 May 2011 @ 08:08 pm
That was almost 'May Has Been Busty.' Also a true statement.

The belly dance show went incredibly well. Our piece was very tight and fun both nights, and all the other dancers were really on as well. I'll be sad to leave Monica's choreography this summer since I am moving up to a performance class involving props. For the summer show, I will be dancing with a veil definitely (and maybe also zills). I am looking forward to the challenge, but I'm a bit nervous since I've never done veil before. Pictures to come later.

Mom and Dad enjoyed the show and the rest of their visit. Dad didn't get to see much since he was only here for 2 days. Mom stayed longer, so she and I spent Tuesday in Annapolis. It has a nice little downtown tourist area by the marina. We did take a boat tour and got to see part of the US Naval Academy and the Chesapeake Bay. I want to go back when I can spend more time there, possibly on a weekend so I can do the 3 hour pirate themed boat tour. Arrrr. Pictures to come later.

Saturday I was back in Maryland for the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race with friends and coworkers. The weather was fantastic, and the race entries were really entertaining. My favorite was the Egyptian-themed Ankh-ers Away. We took the water taxi around the Inner Harbor to catch various points of the race including the water loop and the obstacle course. Also quesadillas and margaritas at Nacho Mama's are highly recommended if you do not have a fear of Velvet Elvises. Again, pictures to come later.

Sunday was my zoo volunteer day, and I learned how to operate a laminating machine. That shit is tedious. Since I was there, I took the time to check out the wattled crane chick that hatched in March. It is still very fluffy with chubby cheeks that have not yet descended into full wattles. Also, I wanted to see the lion cubs. They are not quite as tiny and adorable as they were in January, but they are still cubs with feet way too big for their bodies. Pictures to come later because it would be another month without posting if I waited until I got my act together with flickr uploading.

Tomorrow night I get to see My Chemical Romance again, this time at the awesome 9:30 Club. Owing to the time of my new performance class, I'll have to miss the opening acts who I've heard are both really good live (The Architects and Thursday), but I will get there in time for MCR's set. This will lead to me being extremely brain dead at work on Wednesday, but my big important meeting got moved to Thursday, so it doesn't really matter.
25 April 2011 @ 06:20 pm
Belly dance show this weekend! I'm in Show 2 (8pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday). Go here to buy tickets.

I added a few new pictures of the cats at the end of this page. They were quite taken with the bunny munching away on grass right outside my bedroom window. Just in time for Easter! Side note: Brooke wished me a 'Happy Zombie Jesus Day!' except I heard 'Happy Samba Jesus Day!'. Now you all have a samba dancing, zombie Jesus image in your heads. You're welcome.

Thursday I got to see a great show by Beats Antique with Zoe Jakes and Kami Liddle performing tribal-style belly dance. Zoe is also a member of Beats Antique, so she drummed for some songs and danced for others. I was pretty much in awe watching her dance. There are some moves that I cannot figure out how the hell a body can do that.
13 April 2011 @ 08:33 pm
We had a great trip to the UK. Gobs and gobs of pictures here. In London, we saw Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace, took the Tower Bridge tour, failed to tour the Globe Theater, and walked over the Millennium Bridge. The only bad weather we had was the day we went to Stonehenge. It was rainy, windy, and cold, but we still had a great time. The audio guide did drone on and on though. Moving on to Cardiff, we really enjoyed touring Cardiff Castle with its much superior audio guide and awesome trebuchet. I do have a number of pictures from the Dr. Who exhibit as well as the fountain that leads to Torchwood HQ. From Cardiff, we went to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch to get an awesome passport stamp and then to Conwy to tour another castle. Walking around Conwy is interesting as it is a walled city. The castle was also nice except for the group of obnoxious teenagers. From Conwy, we went north to Edinburgh for yet more castles. Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace are both really interesting to tour. We had a bit of excitement at Holyrood when a fire alarm went off, and everyone had to be evacuated to the court yard. There was no fire, so we got to continue our tour fairly quickly. Also in Edinburgh is the Elephant House Cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. One of the toilets in the women's bathroom was decorated to honor this. I also enjoyed the Scotch Whiskey Tasting Experience. We hopped over to Glasgow for an afternoon and felt that was sufficient time spent there. The Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis are quite nice, and there is a museum of religious life and art nearby. They have the first permanent zen garden in Britain. Back in London we toured the National Gallery which was very impressive and very large. We did not spend much time at the British Museum since we were pretty worn out from all the museum-ing at the National Gallery, but we did see the temporary exhibits. Brooke also got a better picture of the Rosetta Stone than the last time we were here.

For the last volunteer meeting at the zoo, we got to go behind the scenes in the cheetah enclosure. Pictures here. It was really cool to see the animals so close up. They really are so much like house cats. The zebras were fairly good natured, and we got a great view of the maned wolves, lured close by treats. I really like learning about how the zoo runs and how the animals are cared for. I hope the next meeting will be behind the scenes at the reptile house.

Natalie and Judith were here last weekend. We spent Saturday at Monticello. Pictures here. That place is in the middle of freaking nowhere, but the drive was worth it. The museum, house, and grounds were all really interesting. The house tour was made better by our tour guide sporting a bow tie. Sunday, we hit a few of the Smithsonians to check out their temporary exhibits. The crocheted coral reef at Natural History was pretty awesome, but I think the pop-up book exhibit at American History was my favorite of the day.

In belly dance news, I'm performing in the spring show April 30 and May 1. Tickets can be purchased here. I'm dancing in Show 2. Mom and Dad are coming up for the weekend, and Mom's staying for a few days extra. I think I'll be able to take off work at least one of the days she's here. Maybe we'll go down to Annapolis for a change of scenery.

If anyone wants to go to the DC101 Chili Cook-off, let me know. I'm going and meeting up with one of my coworkers and her boyfriend, but I think I'm going earlier than they are. She's really only interested in seeing Weezer, and I want to go early enough to see Neon Trees and maybe Panic at the Disco. A regular ticket ends up being about $50 with all the stupid fees, but I still think it's worth it to see 2, maybe 3, bands that I like.
15 March 2011 @ 04:06 pm
Not that it will be very obvious, but I'll be mostly away from lj/dw until the 26th since I'll have limited internets in the UK. Also, I'll be busy being on vacation.

I actually have awesome vacation plans for the rest of the year. At the end of June, I'm going to Italy for 10 days with my coworker/friend Kim. We're going to see Rome, Florence, and Milan definitely. Possibly other cities if we can figure out the timing. At the end of August, I'm going to Costa Rica for a belly dance and yoga retreat. I've taken workshops with one of the instructors for the retreat, and I'm really looking forward to learning from her again. She has a great teaching style and a fun personality.

This excitement will be financed by the promotion I'm getting at the end of May! I'll starting getting the salary bump in June, just in time for Italy.

While I'm gone, my dear friend [personal profile] ell will be flying to Germany to marry my dear friend [personal profile] temve. I am so happy for them! Fröhliche Verpartnerung, Ell und Tem! (Note: this is probably very bad German. Please feel free to offer corrections.)
A couple weeks ago, I went to the zoo with some coworkers. Pictures start at the bottom of this page. More lion cub pics are here. I think they are noticeably bigger than the January pictures of them.

Also, Brooke and I saw Lady Gaga in concert. The Scissor Sisters opened and were amazing. I really wish their set had been more than 30 minutes. Pictures and some videos are here. There were so many amazing costumes and set pieces for the show. (Also in the audience. Fans really went all out on costumes.)

Rev. Al Sharpton spoke at my office last week for Black History Month. He is an amazing speaker, very funny, and excellent at getting his message across. I liked how he managed to highlight the African-American civil rights movement while always circling back to how you can't work for civil rights for some people unless you work for civil rights for all people with specific mentions of Latinos, the LGBT community, immigrants, the poor and working class, and women.

There is again the possibility of a government shut down if no budget passed by March 18. The previous deadline was March 4, but they managed to pass a stop-gap 2 week budget. Now if this shut down does happen, it won't matter much to me because I'll already be on vacation. I might not get paid for the days of the shutdown, but I wouldn't have to take leave either.

So anyone who wants something from London, Stonehenge, Cardiff, Llanfair PG, Edinburgh, or Glasgow, let me know soon. We're leaving on March 15 and coming back on the 26th. Also if you want a postcard, please email me your address. ([personal profile] temve, please send me your address again. I accidentally deleted your last email.) I welcome all suggestions for sights to see, things to buy, and food to eat. I am so excited for this trip! I have made a packing list and a shopping list and google maps for each city, and I got a new credit card with no foreign transaction fees (Yay, Capital One! Boo, Bank of America!) to use while in the UK! My new passport will get its first stamps!
13 February 2011 @ 12:28 pm
Plane tickets are bought. Hostel rooms are booked. BritRail passes are bought. Passports are renewed. We are ready for England, Scotland, and Wales in March! If anyone has any must see/do/eat or must avoid suggestions, please let me know. Also, if anyone would like ridiculously tacky Will+Kate souvenirs or anything from the Dr. Who exhibit in Cardiff, make your requests. I'm not promising I will buy everything asked for, but I'll do what I can.

I started a new Concerts set on flickr to cover shows in 2011. The first entry is the Gold Motel show last week. (Technically it was the Hellogoodbye show since they headlined, but I missed most of their set to take a friend to the metro so that she could catch the last train. Also I was there for Gold Motel anyway.) It's the 3rd time I've seen them live, and they have yet to disappoint. I also enjoyed the openers, Now, Now Every Children, and what I saw of Hellogoodbye's set.

With V-Day coming up, please do what you can to help survivors of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence. I'm donating to Doorways for Women and Families in Arlington. They have several Amazon wishlists for items for their safe house.
30 January 2011 @ 10:45 am
Brooke and I have bought our tickets and will officially be in the UK March 16-26! We're planning to visit London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Stonehenge (greatest of all the henges), but we haven't figured out which days we will be where yet. We know where we want to stay in London and Edinburgh. If anyone has any recommendations for Cardiff, that would be great. Also if anyone would like to weigh in on what sights are not to be missed and what sights are completely overrated, I welcome your input. We've been to London before, so we have some ideas for things to do there. No strong plans for Cardiff (except seeing the Torchwood hq thing) or Edinburgh (except seeing Edinburgh Castle). Yay, trip planning!

In not so great news, I had my first physical last week, and I have high cholesterol. I am supposed to work on modifying my diet and taking fish oil supplements. In 3 months, I'll go back for a follow up to see if this will have lowered my cholesterol enough to be ok or if I have to go on medication. I'm worried that I will have to go on medication because many of the diet modifications she suggested are things I already do - eggs <= 3x a week, low/no fat dairy, minimal fried foods, fry only in olive or canola oil. So I don't know how much a diet change will help. I'm hoping the fish oil supplements will help without giving me the socially unpleasant side effects of burping and farting. Boo, diet planning!
15 January 2011 @ 08:50 am
I clearly needed it since I slept from 6.30 last night to 7.30 this morning. This has been a bit of a hectic week with dance classes starting up again. I'm taking 3 classes right now which is more than I've done in one session before. Also my uncle was in town for a conference, so I was out really late on Thursday having dinner with him. Note: Anyone looking for awesome Turkish food in the DC area should check out Agora near Dupont Circle. Everything we had was amazing.

I'm about to head out for more bra shopping today. I went earlier this week and bought 3 different styles. I'm only willing to keep on after wearing them for a few hours each. I'm not expecting to feel cuddled by clouds or whatever, but I need to be able to wear the damn thing all day at work without being rubbed raw by lunch. Hopefully this other store will have other brands/styles that will work for me.

This afternoon I get to try out my new camera at a roller derby match in DC. I'm a bit worried the camera is too small for me to feel comfortable with, but I should get a good idea today. Happily Best Buy does not have restocking fees for cameras, so I can return it for a slightly larger camera if necessary.
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08 January 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Lion cubs! All seven cubs were out today with their dad, Luke, and their moms, Shera and Nababiep, for over an hour today. I took a ridiculous number of pictures and a few videos. I managed one picture with all 10 lions in one picture.

I also finally put up my pictures from The Roots show last week. They put on an incredible live show. The drum battle during the set break was better than some full sets I've seen.

Pictures from New Year's Eve are here. Trouble Funk, a DC gogo group, opened for Gogol Bordello. The crowd was totally into the show, and I had an amazing time. If you ever get the chance to see Gogol Bordello live, you should absolutely take it. They do a fantastic live show with tons of energy.
31 December 2010 @ 03:04 pm
So 2010 was the year I started to see live music that wasn't the NSO on a regular basis. Here's the complete list. If you are interested in hearing some songs from any of these bands, leave a comment, and I'll put together something for download. Side note - I think I need to get some music icons. I don't really have anything appropriate for this.

Cowboy Mouth - 9:30 Club

Family of the Year and Gold Motel - DC9, pictures

Too Fast for Love Tour, Travie McCoy, Cobra Starship - 9:30 Club, pictures
9:30 Club 30th Anniversary Party - 9:30 Club, pictures

The Like and The Futureheads - Black Cat, pictures
Harry Connick, Jr. - Wolf Trap

Honda Civic Tour, New Found Glory, Tegan & Sara, Paramore - Merriweather Post Pavilion, pictures

Gold Motel - U Street Music Hall, pictures
Green Day - Jiffy Lube Live, pictures
Great Big Sea - Wolf Trap

Cowboy Mouth - 9:30 Club
Bouncing Souls - Black Cat

Dear New Orleans Benefit, Bonerama and others - Black Cat, pictures
The Roots - Rally for Sanity on the National Mall, pictures more of the rally than The Roots

Gaslight Anthem and My Chemical Romance - Roseland Ballroom in NYC, pictures
The Roots - 9:30 Club
Trouble Funk and Gogol Bordello - 9:30 Club
24 December 2010 @ 02:17 pm
So I have some Dreamwidth codes. Please feel free to take as many as you'd like. Just leave a comment saying which one(s) you've used, so I can cross it out before anyone else tries to use it.


I hope everyone's holidays are going well. I spent a lovely few days in Mobile seeing friends from undergrad. Now I'm back in Baton Rouge until the 28th when I fly back to DC just in time for The Roots' show at the 9:30 Club.

May your holiday meals be free of diet talk and douchebags!
18 December 2010 @ 01:45 pm
I made it to New Orleans ~20 hours after I meant to. My flight out of DC got indefinitely delayed due to engine failure, so I just rescheduled for today rather than hang out at the airport all day yesterday. Then my flight out of Atlanta this morning was delayed due to mechanical difficulties, so we ended up arriving in New Orleans almost 2 hours late. I kept calling Dad to push back the time he needed to come get me from the airport. Thankfully there were no mechanical failures during my flights, so I arrived safely.

For anyone wanting to hang out, I will be in Baton Rouge today and tomorrow. I will be in Mobile Monday - Wednesday afternoon. Then I will be back in Baton Rouge until I fly back up to DC on December 28.

When I get back to DC, I am going to see The Roots play on the 28 at the 9:30 Club. Then I will be the dancing panda at Zoolights the 29th and 30th. (Come see me! It's free this year!) For New Year's Eve, I will be at the 9:30 Club again rocking out to Trouble Funk, a DC go-go group, and Gogol Bordello. Jan. 1 I will be back as the dancing panda at Zoolights and will possibly go back to the 9:30 Club to see Trombone and Orleans Avenue. You know I am a sucker for a good brass section.
06 December 2010 @ 08:08 pm
To sum up: I saw MCR play at the Roseland Ballroom in New York on Friday. It was awesome. Pictures are here.

Now for the flaily happy details.

I had arranged to meet someone from LJ to buy a ticket off her and ended up hanging out with her and her friend in line before the show. Standing outside in 35F for 2.5 hours wasn't that bad because we took turns visiting the cafe across the street to warm up and get hot drinks. Once in the venue, I left the girls to go to coat check and get water. I ended up getting a spot on the barrier on the far right. For those familiar with the venue, I was standing about two people from the raised seating area along the right wall right across the barrier from the ADA section. I spent a lot of time between sets talking to a guy on crutches who had wanted to be in the pit, but venue staff made him go to the ADA area. He realized it was for the best when he saw the crowd surge knock me into the barrier several times during Gaslight Anthem's set.

Everything was made more awesome by the group of bitchy, sarcastic scene queens next to me who were hilariously unimpressed with everything and everyone until MCR came on stage. They cracked me up with their eyerolls and pointed comments during the first two bands. Then, as soon as MCR came on, they became grinning, dancing, screaming fangirls just like everyone else, and we all helped each other protect our barricade spots from foul intruders.

The set list for the show is as follows:
Look Alive Sunshine - performed in person by Dr. Deathdefying himself, Steve Righ?

Na Na Na - so awesome

Venom - love this song

Planetary GO! - had to switch from jumping to just bouncing slightly because I let myself get a little overwhelmed by it all

Desolation Row - my video

I'm Not Okay - I got to see some of Frank's flailing during this one. How does he have bones, seriously?

Prison - Gerard's response to all the boys' shirts getting thrown on stage during Prison was hilarious. He's like, yes more shirts, let me make a pile, throw more shirts, I will catch them to add to my collection! Not nearly as impressed with the bra that got thrown on stage at one point. He made the ew, cooties face.

Ghost of You - love the new arrangement they've been doing for this

House of Wolves - I fucking love the drums for this song.

The Only Hope for Me is You - I love this song a lot.

Mama - dedicated to all the parents in the crowd. Apparently some band parents were there as well.

WTTBP - It's just so theatrical and dramatic.

Teenagers - Ray Toro is a motherfucking rock god. This note could be applied to all songs, but I feel like he goes more for front and center stage during this song.

Sing - This was the first song that really sold me on the new album, so I was so happy to hear it live.

DESTROYA - Gerard went off stage for a bit. Then when he climbed back up, he stayed down on all fours with his ass to the audience and coyly looked over his shoulder at everyone during the moaning parts.

Helena - I liked this to end the main set, especially since 90% of the audience knew what was coming for an encore.

Cancer - my video

Kids from Yesterday - So Gerard's fake fur coat was something he had with him or got from someone before the show. I saw one of the crew (big beard, pink bandana, MCR raygun hoody) walking around with it before their set and putting it on stage for him.

Not specific to any one song, Ray Toro's grins are the best grins ever. Also, he seriously rocks the fuck out, and his hair is amazing. It does make getting a good picture of his face frustrating at times though. Also also, Mikeyway kept giving Ray these tiny smiles during the show whenever they'd make eye contact. Like who expected facial expressions from Mikey :| Way? He is getting really good with the hair tossing and the back bending though. I like his sparkly bass. I couldn't see Frank very well during the show since I was on Ray's side which means I missed Gerard straddling him during 'Prison'. Don't worry, I have since watched this glorious moment on youtube.

I think I will try for barrier on Frank's side for the 9:30 Club show in May since 1. that's my comfort zone at the 9:30 Club and 2. I will be able to see more of Frank's shenanigans. I don't think I'll miss too much of Ray since 9:30 has a much smaller capacity (thus much narrower floor) than Roseland.
30 November 2010 @ 11:13 pm
Guess who's going up to New York on Friday to spend the weekend with her sister? This girl. Guess who managed to get a ticket for the My Chemical Romance show in New York Friday night? That would also be me. I managed to get a bed at a hostel walking distance from the venue, too. I am so excited about this weekend! We going to try and get tickets to see American Idiot or the Cirque du Soleil Wintuk show Saturday night, but I'm ok if it doesn't work out because I will already have seen a completely awesome show that weekend. I also get to meet my sister's boyfriend who seems like a decent guy. I am favorably inclined toward him because he has a geeky name, but we shall see. *cue music of impending doom*

Also, DC area people, I am performing in a belly dance show Dec. 11 at 5pm. Tickets are $15 dollars. Mom and Dad are coming up for the show, so they will get to see DC all decked out for Christmas.

*DW icon so very relevant to this post, especially as I have its keywords as hypnotic butt*
24 November 2010 @ 06:29 pm
I did some cleaning up of my LJ flist and DW circle. If I had you on LJ and DW, I'm just following you on DW now. I dropped you off DW if you hadn't updated it in over a year. If anyone thinks they were dropped mistakenly, leave a comment.

For everyone celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope you have easy travel, no food mishaps, and minimal family drama.